Spotify Projects

The following projects are personal projects and aren't officially associated with Spotify. Some of the features and ideas presented in these projects have happened to become reality, so some information collected and used for these projects is outdated and no longer applies. Request password permissions for these projects.


Bump It

Personal UI Project

Easier and more convenient way to share albums, playlists, or podcasts with others.


Artist page reimagined

Personal UI Project

Updated UI to fit more content on the screen, and a new streamlined ticket-buying feature.


Audio recognition

Personal UI Project

More direct way for Spotify users to find music, a seamless audio recognition experience.


Search by location

Personal UI Project

Allows users to easily explore music and podcasts from diverse cultural origins.


In-app subscription changes

Personal UI Project

More control to the user! This feature allows users to manage their subscription in the mobile app.

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