Search by location

An easier and more convenient way to share albums, playlists, or podcasts with others.


Similar to the top charts feature, in the “Browse all” section there is a “Countries” selection, or you can filter search results by tapping the location icon above the search bar.


This design shows the information that slides up when the location icon is tapped. The user can select which countries’ music and podcasts appear in the search results.


The user can browse through a list of countries after tapping “Countries” in the “Browse all”  section to find music and podcasts from their country of choice.


The country page shows popular music, artists, and podcasts from the selected country.


Problem statement

Finding music or artists from a particular country can be difficult. Google searches bring up cliché and expected results that gloss over the potentially large and diverse line-up of music artists from a certain cultural origin.

Proposed solution

I'm proposing a search by location feature that can be used in two different ways: by filtering search results on Spotify to only show music and podcasts from selected countries, or by allowing users to browse through countries and viewing the music and podcasts from those countries.