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UX Content Design Intern at Handshake

Handshake's push notifications were written when the mobile app launched years ago, and they were never touched after that. Most notifications didn't have any title copy. The body copy was vague and didn't offer much value to users. And most importantly, the copy wasn't conversational.

Video chat reminder

How would you feel if you got 3 push notifications about different things but they all said "Get ready to make a great impression"? This video chat reminder was one of these redundant notifications. The new copy I wrote offers so much more value for users. It's conversational, delivers important information, and is encouraging.

+ 19.1% open rate

Job alert

The job alert notification originally had no title copy and only said how many new jobs match your recent search. The new push I wrote puts the number and kind of job right in the title because it's the most important information. The body copy now has a call-to-action encouraging users to be the first to apply to new jobs.

+ 8.5% open rate

Job expiring

The job search process can be really stressful, especially for job-seekers that just graduated and have limited experience in their field. The last thing Handshake would want is to add to that stress. I rewrote this notification and dialed back the tone. Nobody wants to read "Hurry!" That's just plain scary and unnecessary.

+ 13.9% open rate

Other push notifications

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