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Job digest emails go out to students on Handshake every week with the latest jobs curated for them.

There are notes in some job posting cells that let students know the employer is open to messaging and video chatting with them about the job. The problem is the entire job post cell is clickable and goes to one place (the job posting), so no matter where you click in each cell, you'll end up in the same place.

The copy about messaging employers isn't clickable/doesn't have a different destination from the job posting when it's clicked. So, how does that change what the copy or design should be?

the original job digest email

Before anything else, I made important observations about the copy and design of the job digest email.

Some of the things I noticed were:

  • The blue underlined titles created a visually busy effect.

  • The copy about messaging an employer appeared to be a separate link from the job post itself because it was blue and had an arrow.

  • The titles and the copy below the company/location line were both bold and blue, so they were competing for the user's attention. (a hierarchy problem)

After initial revisions and mocks, I collaborated with a product manager, an engineers, and a content designer who gave feedback on my iterations.

The final deliverables for this project were:

  • Updated titles to reflect brand fonts

  • Removed the underline in the titles because it was straining on the eyes and made it more difficult to scan. (Kept the blue color so students know the titles are clickable).

  • Top-justified the company logos for each job posting so it's clearer where each job post cell starts and ends, which makes it easier to scan.

  • Condensed the copy about messaging and video chats from two separate lines into one line to make it more concise.

  • Changed the color of the "open to messaging" copy because link-style copy (blue and underlined) gives the impression that it's clickable or that it would take the user to another destination. (Choose a gray which gives depth and a sense of hierarchy to the design).

  • Removed the arrows next to the "open to messaging" copy because it gives the impression that it's clickable or that it would take the user to another destination.

the new job digest email

KPI results

The work I completed on this project increased the clickthrough rate by 6%, and even more impressive, the job postings that had the "open to messaging" copy I wrote saw a 30% increase in traffic.

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