Bump It

An easier and more convenient way to share albums, playlists, or podcasts with others.

To understand how users share music and podcasts with others, I conducted a survey. Here are the results:

How do you currently share music and podcasts on Spotify with others?

Are you satisfied with the current sharing capabilities?



Understand It

How would you like to see the share feature improved?

  • It would be nice to have a one-tap way of sharing stuff.

  • I like the idea of AirDrop, but to do that you need to tap the three dots, then share, then more, then AirDrop, and then the person. It’s just a lot of steps.

  • I don’t share music that often, so the current process doesn’t really bother me.

  • I’m not sure. I think the current process works well for me.

  • Out of sight, out of mind. I don’t even think to share music.

  • Maybe it would be cool to share music to specific users you’re following in the app.

Think It

Based on feedback from users and an old commercial I remembered, I start to ideate solutions to the problem statement.

Ideas for a solution:

  • Making a feature like S Beam or AirDrop to quickly share content with one tap.

  • Making this new, quicker sharing feature visible, as opposed to finding it in a more options sort of menu.

  • Can share tracks, albums, podcasts, and playlists using this feature.

Share to Messages


Understand It.png

Problem statement

Sharing a album, playlist, or podcast is a feature that takes three steps to complete. Many times, when a user wants to share content with someone, they are listening to music together (in their apartment, in a car, etc.). Users need an easier and more convenient way to share content with others when they’re together.

Proposed solution

Inspired from a selling-point in a smartphone commercial I saw a few years ago and feedback from users, I’m proposing a “Bump it” feature. Using this new feature, a user in close proximity with another can share content in one step.

Think It.png

Build It

After brainstorming and ideation, I begin to create a prototype.

Build It.png

To use the bump it feature, the user needs to tap the bump it icon, and stand close to another user when they have the Spotify app open.

*bumping in progress*

This is the design for the user on the receiving end of the bump it feature. When they tap “Check it out” they will be brought to the page of the bumped content.

Ship It & Tweak It

The Ship It and Tweak It phases of the design process are still in progress for this project.