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Let's make tech a more human place.

Let's make tech a more human place.

Hi, my name is Bryan,

and I'm not just a content designer; I'm a passionate advocate for users' rights.

Beyond the words and the content strategy, I stand firm in calling out inequities and championing a design ethos that places users at the heart of every interaction.

Selected projects

These are some of my highest impact projects.

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Anieca Ayler

Staff Content Designer at Handshake
"If you're looking for someone who'll blow away all your expectations, Bryan is your guy. He made an impact for Handshake from day 1, needing no hand-holding, almost no ramp-up time, and eager to take on all the projects—almost 20 in 10 weeks. He's ambitious, hardworking, super smart, and the archetype of a growth mindset. He's an ace at conversational writing and product thinking, and somehow already mastered how to give and receive feedback (one of the hardest things in our world). He was never afraid to ask questions or push back, and his contributions to our product were singular. On top of all that, he's just a gem to work with. Grounded, friendly and funny, with an ease that makes you want to work with him forever. Hire him immediately. He's ready for anything."

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How to give users bad news

You seemingly can’t have a conversation in the UX industry, without acknowledging the importance of the user, how they feel, and how an experience works for them. But what happens when you can’t give the user what you know they want?


Bad news comes in all forms. Today, we live in a world where if something isn’t monetized, you’re early. Most times users face disappointment it’s because of price increases or new rules that make a product or service less enjoyable. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Netflix). So, as a writer in the UX space, how do we deliver this blow softly?

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